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“Pedal Lover”, a new Tube Amplifier, which was released in 2012, by compact pedal master Dr. J, specially designed for pedal users used at small space occasions. Excellent tone reducibility and compatibility can embody tone of pedals and electric guitar in a very high level. Elegant white appearance makes it easy to accordant with home environment perfectly,and therefore add visual space.

It adopts CLASSIC A circuit design, collocated with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker unit which deliver excellent clean sound and distortion. There is no need to worry neighbors knock your house by using a switchable output power between 3.5W and 1W which can get an outstanding and abundant sound effect. This should be the best companion for compact pedal users.


Classic single end circuit design;

A Celestion Vintage 30 speaker;

3.5W/1W power switching;

12AX7 Pre amplification, EL84 power stage output;

Removable small back board, closed Enclosure and back opening for your choice;

Concise, white appearance;

Adapted to various tones when used with different pedals.

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