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Dee Leung, head of the Dr.J engineering team, began his career as a musician.

He liked fiddling with various pedals when he was a college student, analyzing tones and circuits from low-end pedals to advanced handmade ones. Most people thought he was a reticent freak, and when Leung submitted one of his own pedals for a graduate design project, his teachers didn’t even know what it was.


Dee Leung continued focusing on his pedal design even after he found a day job, and he created many excellent DIY pedals based on the classic ones. He also spent a lot of time comparing and testing his pedals with those originals. Although he had bought some pedals, he couldn’t afford to collect so many costlier effects, so he made an effort to make the acquaintance of local guitarists and other effects-using musicians with sizeable pedal collections of their own. All those people were happy to lend their collections to his research. After years of study and hard work, the richly experienced Leung built numerous pedals that were practically identical to their original counterparts. Gradually, Dee Leung became famous in the local music industry as more and more local musicians who couldn’t afford expensive pedals would come to him for a copy with the tones they needed.


Of course, being the passionate man Leung is, he would never be content with merely imitated tones. Combining his professional knowledge of circuit design with his own understanding of components and effects tones, Leung got down to developing his own unique pedals: distinctive, but also able to satisfy the most demanding effects rig junkie. After a series of trial and error, Leung made an adjustable overdrive pedal with amazingly pure and transparent tones. As per his MO, he took this pedal to those musicians who had lent him pedals over the years and let them try it out. Unsurprisingly, it impressed every player. To thank all his friends for their years of support, Leung gave his new pedal to each one as a gift. The overdrive pedal gained popularity, and more and more local blues guitar players asked Leung for a custom-made unit, which was the predecessor of the Green Crystal. Terry Li, one of the founders of Dr.J, was among the earliest users of the Green Crystal.


Terry told his friend Dee Leung that he ought to let more people try this ingeniouspedal. Meanwhile, Terry was preparing a start-up to market select pedals with the aim of bringing musicians a new kind of inspiration. This idea caught the attention of JOYO TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, which later assisted with the funds for the brand start-up. That moment was the turning point that allowed the independent development of this new brand--what is now Dr.J--to become possible. Terry Li named his pedal company after the first initial of his favorite guitar player, Jimi Hendrix, implying that every Dr.J pedal embodies Jimi’s unconstrained creativity.


Dr.J is serious about creating inspiring tones for passionate musicians, and to ensure superb tone and outstanding quality, every Dr.J pedal must pass a series of strict tests in the hands of a professional. From tonal selection, to circuit design and unique layout, to the selection of every single component down to the finest detail, we are committed to the pursuit of perfect pedals regardless of cost.


Dr.J is a young brand using unique concepts to create extraordinary effects pedals. We welcome you to experience Dr.J--Make your own tone.